The Parallel

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The Parallel


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in 2020

The Parallel

On October 2020, the A&M group submitted a design proposal for the complete renovation of an office building situated on Syggrou Avenue, a well-known highway leading to the center of Athens. The building is redesigned to be occupied by various firms while the main goal was to transform it into a business hub.

 The original seven-story building built during the 70’s, led our team to form certain design criteria through which, a new façade proposal was developed, responding to the needs of the building as well as its contextual and climatic conditions. Considering the proper sun protection as a priority for the building, the development of an energy conscious façade was of primary need. By creating a new layer in front of the building, the façade suddenly gains more depth, resulting to a shaded envelope while directing the sun to travel longer to reach internal spaces. Using as a starting point the existing structural grid and floor elevations, a new rhythm is created on the facade that intentionally alters the scale of the building without revealing any of the floors or structural elements.

This allows the building to reach a human scale while relating to its context through the adaptation of the city’s parallel lines into the façade, and the celebration of a monochromatic bold approach. The upgrade of this property was a crucial factor contributing to a sustainable return of investment, as the building will attract various new companies and house top brands.