Themaso Villa Development

Project title:

Themaso Villa Development


Κάρπαθος, Ελλάδα


35.50661, 27.2189176

Themaso Villa Development

Located at the Southeast part of Karpathos, this site is already gifted with a wide view of the sea and the warm Aegean sunset. An 11-luxury villa development is strategically laid on the 6,530 sqm site while its landscape follows the natural topography allowing a centered green courtyard to develop as a breathing space between the volumes.

The 11 villas make their appearance on the perimeter of the site, positioned in a way to allow endless views from all residences while providing privacy between the guests. A separated but well-connected building completes the hospitality experience by housing necessary common use facilities, a welcome hall, a breakfast veranda, and other supporting facilities.

A conversation between dark and light volumes plays an important role to the architecture of the development and its volumetric language, unusual for islands like Karpathos. Dark, masculine volumes serve as a base to each individual building symbolizing public life while white-washed lighter volumes lay on top symbolizing private life and intimate moments. Each villa is accompanied by a relaxing pool and outdoor area while pergolas provide protection during sunny hours.

One of A&M's latest projects for a special client will redefine hospitality experience and luxury living in Karpathos as the the client allowed our team to create without boundaries. The project’s construction is programmed to start within 2020.