Mixed Use Development in Beirut

Project title:

Mixed Use Development in Beirut


Kaslik, Lebanon


33.97974200328416, 35.61327427625


in 2016

Mixed Use Development in Beirut

Taking advantage of the coastal part of the property located outside of Beirut in Lebanon, A&M designed a mixed-use building with views to the coast and independent but unified units of public and private use as well as a hotel and apartment building. While there are different uses housed in the complex, all of them are part of a shopping center near the Marina. Integrated into the design proposal, the element of water played an important role as it penetrates the heart of the center and at the same time separates the private from the public part of the wider urban development. The orientation and strategic rotation of the buildings facing the sea view, create an “edge” to the rest of the complex while breaking down the scale adding a nice proportion to the width and depth of the building. The building is laid on different heights with the ground floor being the public entrance of retail spaces while the lower level welcomes the hotel and residential guests of the site. The design study was supported by the Copenhagen office of Kostas Poulopoulos while all parts of the project are following the highest of standards.