Aposperia Apartments

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Aposperia Apartments


Karpathos, Greece


35.5748396, 27.1827721595

Aposperia Apartments

With panoramic view to the sea, Aposperia is located in Katodio, an untouched area of the island of Karpathos. Offering a memorable stay to its inhabitants, the 6 villas are strategically placed on site to allow for balanced views and spaces between the buildings and the natural landscape. The main intention was to break the various spaces to smaller volumes facing the Aegean, respecting the local architecture scale transmitted to a contemporary vocabulary. Privacy was the main synthesis driver, safeguarding the feeling of being home. Every villa has its own pool with direct access from the living room and a private courtyard, planted with local aromatic herbs that complete the memorable experience. The large openings merge the indoor and outdoor spaces, while guests enjoy living in nature.

The architecture follows the topography of the landscape through a series of levels that define the outdoor areas and offer different relaxation spaces. The volumes are carefully dressed with dark and whitewashed surfaces to peacefully blend with the natural landscape, creating the less possible interruption. Raw metal details as the perforated blades to the openings give contemporary hues to the overall design while protect the indoor spaces from the natural conditions. 

These summer villas speak to the heart as they recall memories from the Karpathian tradition, reflected through the architecture.