Asset Office Interiors - Corporate Identity

Project title:

Asset Office Interiors - Corporate Identity


Athens, Greece


38.0217286, 23.78984860


in 2009

Asset Office Interiors - Corporate Identity

ASSET OFFICE INTERIORS is a driving force in the field of office furniture, chairs and partition systems. Apart from designing the new offices and showroom, we also undertook the complete redesign of the assets’ corporate identity. We redefined the corporate image in all respects, from the design of a new logo to all corporate identity applications. The new asset aesthetic is clear, austere, modern, and effectively highlights the rich branded material of the company’s partners. The new showroom’s interior graphics dynamically highlight asset’s product line. At the same time, the motto “working together” is emphasized as an integral part of the culture projected by Asset. The partnership between Α&Μ Graphics and Asset continue to this day.