OPAP Offices

Project title:

OPAP Offices


Athens, Greece


37.9911229, 23.70313080


in 2017

OPAP Offices

OPAP, the leading gaming & sports company in Greece decided to elevate its brand by investing to its people and its new headquarters in 112 Athens Avenue. A&M Architects were assigned with the design and project management of the new project after winning the design competition in January 2016. The design reflects OPAP’s new image and culture of the firm that were supported through a contemporary look and feel. As a result, a special working environment was created with a variety of spatial features and qualities that represent the company’s values. The entrance and main lobby were developed under the theme “history & innovation” aiming to express OPAP’ s history and future goals, as well as the contribution of the company to the Greek society. The typical layout is developed with similar design principles for each floor according to the working requirements of OPAP. Common areas and meeting rooms are strategically placed in the center of the building allowing offices to develop along the perimeter to take advantage of sunlight and natural ventilation. Aiming to a unique and custom-made style which satisfy the OPAP΄s high demands, the design was developed up through all stages and up to critical design details to qualify ergonomics, health & safety in all fields.