Residence in Karpathos

Project title:

Residence in Karpathos


Karpathos, Greece


35.5504545, 27.1701765


in 2016

Residence in Karpathos

Restoring an abandoned family home can create a distinct motivation and a particular sensitivity when it comes to solving such a project. The transformation of the islandic residence into its authentic form was the most crucial yet defining role of our scope. Through the removal of old decorative and additive pieces that over the time came to disrupt the true form of the house we found a unique authentic space that reflects the functions and daily life of the family over its different building phases. The building’s interior became pure and returned to its original look, something that completely transformed the atmosphere of the house. The design decisions made by A&M brings traditional elements back into the house and at the same allows for the modern functions of the daily life to take place in the space in an effortless way.