Residential Complex in Marousi

Project title:

Residential Complex in Marousi


in 2023

Residential Complex in Marousi

Following Jade Residences development in the southern suburbs of Athens, Grammikos Group re-commissioned A&M to deliver its new upscale residential complex of 3 buildings, this time in the northern suburbs of Athens and the area of Marousi. With a proposal based on design principles respecting the suburban characteristics of the area, the sustainability and the location’s proximity to the intense greenfield area next to the Chalandri stream. The design resulted in 20 apartments, having as its main objective the creation of a residential complex that will become a landmark for the wider region while it contributes to the area’s nature and harmony continuation.

Since the plot is covering almost the entire block, the design proposal could not but faithfully abide the fundamental urban environmental design principles. The placement of three building volumes creating a clear façade towards the main street of “Ethnarchou Makariou”, is allowing extended planting and offers visual & acoustic comfort along with a balanced microclimate to its residents.

The complex consists of 20 apartments ranging from 70 sq. m. to 130 sq. m. providing a plethora of typologies. 5 types of luxury apartments, ground floor apartments with private garden and swimming pool, apartments that extend on a single level and mezzanine apartments that extend on two levels amongst other apartment categories.